Be someone who makes you happy

“It’s really amazing what a red lipstick can do”

I’ll tell you why I would rather stay single than having a man who’d hate me wearing lipstick. šŸ˜›A red lipstick could instantly boosts my confidence, though I have to say shopping for the color I really want can be a little tricky, especially online, as the shades could seem a bit different from how they appear in real life, but this BYS Lipstick in Burgundy hasn’t disappointed me for sure.

The color came just exactly the same as how I wanted and expected it to be and the fact that it has this velvety texture that makes it glide into my lips effortlessly is what actually made me like it even the more. I feel my lips are being moisturized every time, the way I guess most of us would want our lips to be, for nothing really can be as embarrassing as having chapped lips.

So, there. I mean, come on!?….. Why would you allow somebody to deprive you of what makes you feel happy, confident, and powerful_ if that doesn’t have to mean you’re hurting others?! My point is, we work better when we look and feel good don’t we? If that still doesn’t work? Surprise your boss with how well you perform your duties and responsibilities in red lipstick, and tell me how many boxes of it did you get on your birthday as a surprise gift.šŸ˜ Don’t forget to send me one. [kidding!]

Go ahead, be beautiful! Bloom like a flower wherever you are….

Wearing: BYS Matte Lipstick Rumba