A comfortable cotton Cami top can be worth the investment if you live in the tropics and working from home, as you can just easily take off your blazer or vest when you don’t have to work and effortlessly switch from one activity to another around the house.

The color might look hot, but the fabric feels the opposite, and speaking of color, red always looks great with neutrals_ shades that I also love, such as beige, black, gray, ivory, taupe, and white. You can just go ahead and play with the combination you feel most comfortable or confident with, and you’ll definitely look great, as for me, I decided to go with my favorite black blazer today, to neutralize my all-red inner outfit.

Another reason why I love wearing red is that I don’t literally need to put on too many accessories, as that would make me appear trying too hard to be noticed, it saves me more time and money as well for more essential things.