Reddy Nola Labrador

Reddy Nola Labrador is the one behind The Vibrant Red, and the way she was named was pretty interesting. She was born on Valentines day, but while that may sound special to some people, she never really liked her name and the color red until after her confidence was challenged by a series of traumatic experiences particularly as a public school teacher that forced her to resign and switched to online teaching instead, which was good, as this somehow gave her more time for her family, but now that her kids are both grown-ups, having more time on her hands? Here she is!_ Finally able to pursue one of her old undying passions in life_ Fashion Designing! and it amazes her how she can do it alongside writing [ her first love], by running this website herself.

She came from a family of dressmakers and grew up wearing clothes she designed herself. In fact, her mother owned a small sewing shop which had helped her put some of her siblings through college, though she never had a perfect relationship with her, she actually adored everything there was in her shop, from the tiniest needle to the biggest rugged sewing machine she got. It was there where she would hide and sew her own clothes. She would even remodel her school uniforms as a student and later as a school teacher, much to the disappointment of her advisers and supervisors, but she was born a natural designer, there was just no way of denying it, for whenever she feels sad, she designs and creates to this day, then she would always feel better.

At nineteen, tired of getting beaten for accepting suitors, 😜 aggravated by her resistance of finishing the degree her parents had chosen for her, she ran away from home and worked as a part-time seamstress in a shop owned by one of the best designers in their town, while still finishing her last two terms in college just so her scholarship won’t go on waste and planned to pursue the degree she really wanted afterwards, but she got married and had her first child that same year.

Despite of all these, her first boss who was actually a school teacher turned fashion designer remained as one of her earliest inspirations after her mom as a designer, obviously though she never had the chance of going to a fashion university to make this official, as her early and unplanned marriage forced her to work as a school teacher instead, so currently she’s taking up fashion design courses online and admits that it has been quite fun and liberating, especially after having been restricted from doing so as a classroom teacher for many, many years.

Now, while she does love everything that a woman could wear, there’s nothing that excites her more than all these beautiful lingerie and loungewear in different shades of red, and feels that she is at her calmest each time she creates one as they seem to symbolize the real kind of person she really is inside and still trying to regain_ strong, ambitious & determined. Her choice of color on the other hand after her name signifies her self-forgiveness and acceptance of everything that had happened to her in the past and that she is ready to embrace whatever life throws her now.

She just wants to celebrate life through her collections.

You see, she always loves the power that she feels whenever she wears red and she just wanna pass this on to others through her creations.

Welcome to The Vibrant Red and we hope that you will enjoy it.

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