“Though she be but little, she is fierce” _ Hermia of Shakespeare in his “Midsummer night’s dream”

You know what’s the first thing that came across my mind the first time I saw a bodysuit? ” but, how will I use the washroom ?! No, that’s too much work”, but I was all wrong about my first impression of this awesome lingerie. Yes, I never really imagined myself wearing one ever, especially when I was still working outside, but when I started working from home, I’ve realized how comfortable it is to wear one around the house and would just simply put on a robe, a long vest or an oversized blazer only when necessary, like seeing my online students and I must say so far as well, that it has been the best summer sleepwear I’ve ever had. I believe the fabric I’ve used has contributed a lot in making it even more comfortable along with my decision of not having to put too much accessories, like those tiny plastics and metals we usually find in most brassieres? that could sometimes pressure our skin while asleep? although I also love those just not in any of my sleep wears. The fabric’s really amazing_ it’s a 4-way stretch power mesh, which is too sheer I must admit, so I actually doubled the front side and even had the bust part crisscrossed to show a little of my roots from a very conservative town, with four layers of gusset, but I left the back side as it is so you can probably see how exposed my back is, but it’s really, really comfortable, and I looovvveee its simplicity.

Now, I have a new favorite sleepwear!

Materials: 4 way stretch power mesh fabric , Red Lace

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