TenTen Vampire Red Nail Polish

Vampire-looking” enough? 😁 Happy Halloween!

Wearing: Tenten Vamp Red D13

There are four reasons why I personally love this nail polish. One is that, it doesn’t have a strong smell, I’m thinking this must be why it’s safe for pregnant women. Two, it dries quickly. The third one is, as I’ve shown in the short video below, you’ll probably notice how rich the color is, the shade from its first to third and I guess even if you keep on adding more coatings? stays almost just the same. I’m not sure if this is how you also like your nail polish? but I really love it when even on its first coating, I can already see the same color as it appears on its package, that’s what I call, “true or rich color”, and the last, but of course not the least, is the bottle. Yes! the bottle. πŸ˜…You probably didn’t see that coming, but my nail polishes usually stays on my dresser for more than a month, and I want them to look attractive, it’s one of those things I also look for when I am shopping for perfumes.

“Put on some red nails and live a little.”

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