Don’t miss the morning sun

“Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.” ― Helen Keller

I am no way living in denial here and may heaven forbids I will at any time in my life. I mean, I know what’s going on around us today_ that we’re currently facing a real global crises, one which mankind has never seen before in all aspects we could probably name and think of, and I can also see clearly and feel how this has affected us all even in a personal level. In fact, if you smile today, you might be accused of being insensitive, cry for the unfortunate ones and you might be told a hypocrite, fake or plastic. Say something harsh to a woman and you’ll be branded a misogynist, do the same thing to a man and you’ll be a man-hater, and on and on, people seem to have become so unhesitant in coming up with unkind words to say about anything they find online . But, I’m not saying all these to complain. Truth is, I understand them all.

You see, It’s not really easy to be living in such times and this is why I have been very careful of what to share online recently, though I understand it’s impossible to please everyone, I would really hate it if I know I am hurting anyone of those who have seemed to turned too sensitive these days with any of my stories. Just last week, I was sharing some videos and photos on my social media accounts, showing how happy I was wearing one of my creations, few minutes before learning what happened in Cagayan valley_ one of the provinces we have here in the Philippines that was heavily flooded and sadly claimed lives, I needed to delete my said posts right away, as it just didn’t feel right to be looking so thrilled while others were suffering.

Sometimes, I no longer know what to share and even tempted to just shut down somewhere, but with all that is happening , I realized we can’t afford or allow ourselves to hide in the dark for good, no matter how greatly we’ve been hurt, so allow me to brighten up your day even just a little with these photos I took this morning, while trying to uplift my mood with the warm morning sun. To those who have lost material possessions, I feel you and I hope that you will soon be able to replace them with even better ones, but I still believe that the best things in life are free. If you have lost someone you dearly love, let the sun reminds you that you aren’t alone ,that we are all living under the same sun, sharing a common destiny. We are here for you.

 Honestly, my heart goes out to all the families who have been badly affected by the different calamities happening around the world. Here is to hope  we will all find peace and strength as we battle together against all these with a fearless yet gentle heart.

I am not rich to be able to give much, nor famous so I could also raise funds for the victims to be able to help more financially, when disasters like this hits us, but to make a vow never to post or spread any information I know would only hurt others is the least that I can do as a certified netizen.

Let only love and kindness be spread in times like this.🙏💖

Wearing: Tiffany playsuit in maroon shade