Time to check what you have been collecting

“A good life is a collection of happy moments.”_ Denis Waitley

Sometimes, I see us all being sent into this one big beautiful wild garden with an empty basket, and were all as well been given the same freedom to choose whatever we wish to put into it_ anything that we might need to enjoy the vastness of this amazing creation.

It’s a gift.

Now, you’re probably looking at your own basket and noticed you’ve been too busy picking apples, you forgot to grab even just one of those beautiful flowers. That’s fine, we need to survive of course, but are there stones in there, by the way? They must be heavy, good thing we can always unload and reload. You see, we have the total control of what to put and what not to put in our own basket, but at times we get too excited we tend to grab everything we can get our hands on. I should know this.

When I first move to the city and got hired at a BPO Company, which apparently required a lot of patience and positivity, my sisters asked how I got the job and I said, “Oh, well, I told the interviewer that I had the most beautiful childhood in the whole world, and that nothing can totally frustrate me “. They suddenly went silent, looked at each other and then burst into laughter, into which I also joined. I mean, I know it was funny considering how it was really to have grown up in a big family, living in the most remote Island and was deprived of many things. My childhood was far from being considered as the most beautiful one, and I felt bad for having lied about it, and so that evening to free me from the guilt I was feeling, I tried revisiting my childhood days hoping I could find some traces of happy moments there, and lo, after quite some time of searching, I found one, two, three and the number surprisingly went on and on until I fell asleep. For the first time since I left the province, I slept like a baby.

I woke up the following day with this beautiful realization, and I started applying it into my daily life, that instead of focusing on the sad part of everything that happens, I decided to train my mind towards looking at the beauty of each day and this helped me survived the first few years I had of being away from home. I even managed to collect some happy moments, then something happened that blurred my eyes and judgement as to which exactly I should be putting in my basket, until it felt so heavy I could hardly move, but I refused or maybe just didn’t have any idea on how to unload.

Then one day, a strong storm came that blew my basket away and everything that I have been refusing to let go was thrown away. It was such a devastating experience, but when I stood I felt really light and untroubled, then I understood that even though life storms can be very unpleasant at the moment, they actually happen, so all these undesirable things we have been refusing to let go will be thrown away, Leaving us no choice but to evaluate what we have been actually collecting so far. I picked up the seeds of all those I know from my old collections worth multiplying and had them planted somewhere in the most fertile soil of the garden and wished that one day it could bring joy and/or comfort to whoever gets to see them, then I moved on.

Now that my basket’s empty, I am all ready to start collecting happy moments again, with my collection of red lingerie and loungewear. hoping that this time, I’d be more careful as to which I should and shouldn’t be putting in my own basket.

Wearing: Yalitza is rusty red & Ivatan Basket