Hermia from sunrise to sunset

From preparing breakfast ’til sundown, Hermia has proven to me its comfortability & versatility genuine. ( see also, “A night with Hermia”}

Finding time alone somewhere to meditate, which I believe very much essential to ones wellbeing, was a luxury I couldn’t really afford to do often while I was still working outside as a public school teacher, but since I switched to online teaching, I have more time and freedom to do it along with the other things that I am really passionate about, like designing, writing, reading and a lot more. I mean, if you are someone who gets easily bored at doing just one thing in a day like me? (Thank God if you are not also like me who tends to misbehave when bored ? 😏) _You won’t really regret jumping ship, and my collection of versatile red lingerie is what actually makes it more so convenient and comfortable for me to switch from one activity to another.

Wearing: Hermia Bodysuit in Raspberry & Camille shorts