A night with Hermia

Keep the fire in you burning with Hermia Bodysuit.

Life means fire and for as long as I am doing the things that I am really passionate about, I can feel it burning and it just feels so good.

Now, I’d say I feel most alive when I am alone, this is perhaps because everything that I am passionate about like designing ,sketching, reading, and writing doesn’t really have to require some company most of the time. Having said that, some of you are probably wondering how my blog’s name is related to who I am really, as most people still believe that being vibrant means being energetic, enthusiastic, even loud, and the like, but you know, The vibrantcompany.com in defining vibrancy actually said that some view a vibrant personality as calm and collected yet presents himself or herself with confidence, strength, and peace, and I am actually seeing myself more and more on this side as I grow older, even in going out which by the way happens on a very few occasion , I prefer going to quiet places where I could spend some quality time with the very few people I love, like having a beach barbecue with them on a hot summer night like this, or staying on a farm house or in a remote hotel for days, or perhaps camping somewhere_ anywhere where I could also enjoy the beauty of nature, for all these just simply nourishes my soul like no other, and it is indeed during all these wonderful moments when I mostly need a versatile & comfortable lingerie that still looks elegant.

Wearing: Hermia Bodysuit in Raspberry