I take inspiration from the beauty of nature

“My soul is nourished by being in nature.”

The elegance of the city life has a huge amount of charm, I must admit this, but to me really, there is just so much more life in the countryside. You see with nature, I feel an endless excitement and it is from it that I am getting most of my inspirations for my creations you find here. From the color of the sunrise and sunset to the reddish-brownish soil which color reminds me so much of my hometown, to the red fruits and vegetables and the beautiful flowers in different shades of red, even the birds, the butterflies and the tiniest red creatures around, I couldn’t really help but allow them to touch parts of my work.

What I meant to say is, if you tell me what particular thing in nature the shade of red you want your lingerie to look like, I will surely get what you mean right away.

Wearing: Yalitza slip dress in rusty red