My Morning Routine with Elizabeth

“The way you start your day determines how well you live your day.”_Robin Sharma

I’ve always known that our morning routine is what actually guides the rest of our day, but to be honest, it took me years to finally able to develop a healthy morning routine when I suddenly switched to working from home. Since then, my morning became so easy and lazy, it wasn’t healthy at all, but I was probably just too excited to finally had the freedom of being in-charge of my own work schedule, that I would sleep in and miss breakfast, morning walk, and the morning sun. This went on for years, until I noticed I was no longer performing the way I should, and it wasn’t just physically but even mentally and emotionally, that’s when I decided to make some changes on my morning routine, which thankfully had later changed my whole life.

Now, my day feels so much more calm & fulfilled.

Each morning, I just want to keep things very simple yet powerful. You see, once I wake up, you will see me in the kitchen preparing breakfast, not only for me but for my family while enjoying my cup of coffee and some baked dishes with a soft jazz music. The smell of coffee and the peacefulness of working alone in the kitchen even before the sun and anyone’s up is one of the things that I always look forward to in the morning. Also, there is something very fulfilling about being able to cook for my kids, no matter how probably old they will become, it was something I couldn’t do when I was still working outside as such was usually left for the helper. Now, once I had breakfast, I would read or sometimes do fashion sketching for an hour before heading out for some exercise, air and sunlight. All these can improve my ability to focus throughout the day. I particularly love the morning sun and how it instantly boosts my mood, warming my spirit enough for the whole day.

Before finally taking a bath, where my morning routine usually ends, I would write on my journal and publish some of them here. It gives my life direction and peace and consider it as a therapy next to designing and/or creating. I would write my evaluation of what had happened yesterday and the plans that I have especially how I’d like my day to look like in line with my long term goals_ goals which at times, I wish I could fulfil them in an instant I have to keep reminding myself, it is wiser to take things one day at a time, this way, I don’t have to miss the fun each day is offering me.

So, what about you? I hope you too had already found your healthy morning routine. If you haven’t, you can start with wearing a comfortable red bodysuit and feel its power to uplift your mood. You’ll be surprised to see how much it affects your day, in a beautiful way.

Wearing: Elizabeth bodysuit in Burgundy.