“Only the grown classy women can understand that beauty is in flaws ,comfort, and simplicity.”

Do you happen to be among the many women today who have just decided to switch to working from home during this pandemic, and probably starting to feel a bit sad that you will no longer have to wear those smart office outfits you have collected over the years? Don’t worry, we got your back! Your new wardrobe doesn’t have to be boring really. So here, let’s add beauty and comfort into your new dress code with this 100 percent guaranteed comfortable camisole set, and we’ll make it all red to symbolize your determination to stay strong and positive until all these restrictions outside are over. You know, I still wish that one day we could all share some amazing moments along our great beaches wearing my red creations, but for the meantime, go grab your share of this new addition to our collection so we could all look gorgeous as we wait for better days.

Materials used: 5/8” Red Soft Fold over Elastic bands , Red lace, Red soft stretch cotton fabric [ cotton spandex],  3/8 Inch Red Picot Edge Decorative Pattern Lingerie Elastic, red bra straps, Red Lingerie strap slides

Order yours today by simply setting an appointment with us HERE to get started.

Talk to you soon!❤

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