Red may be blood, but it’s also love. Red may be anger, but it’s also power! Red is beautiful. It’s poetry“. _Shilpa Ahuja

To those ones who wished my Victoria slip dress was shorter_ this one’s for you. I made it in celebration of my birthday which had actually spared me from the temptation of seeing anyone😀.

Anyway, I’m not into partying really , like how probably most people do on their birthdays, except for a very quiet and private dinner with my family, but I always claim a “me time” as a gift to myself, which is really, really important to me as I grow older. This year, I wanted to create something to add in my collection here in addition to the usual way I celebrate my said day, and came up with this shorter version of my Victoria slip dress that comes with a matching sexy thong. Obviously, this dress is very special to me and think that it’s very beautiful! It would be unfair not to share it with you all.

My message this heart’s day? Keep doing what you love💖 for just like what I often say, staying in love not only towards a person, but also with whatever you do is really still the sweetest and the most exciting thing one could ever experience.

As for me here, Valentine’s day or not, my love of red lingerie stays the same. If you share my passion, simply set an appointment with me HERE to get yours.

Happy Valentine’s day, & I’ll talk to you soon!

Materials used: 100% red silk satin 4 way stretch power mesh fabric in tomato redSoft Fold over Elastic band in red3/8 Inch Red Picot Edge Decorative Pattern Lingerie Elastic

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