My first baby doll dress, inspired by 🌸.”unmentionable romance🌸.

I’m excited as always to be able to finally show you my first baby doll dress, and I can’t wait as well to make a real red one, but you know, they say that pink is a pale red so I didn’t actually hesitate using this luxurious fabric for the meantime, and collecting all the materials from this fabric to the tiniest one, which I must admit not quite easy nowadays_ sometimes I am forced to go to a physical store when my orders online are delayed_ it has actually been giving me so much joy and unparalleled excitement these past few days. I really enjoy this particular part of the creation process, that sometimes, I wish I could separate all the parts when I’m done? and put them all back together. Crazy, but I feel like a little girl playing with her favorite toys each time I do it.

Anyway, I originally wanted this to be all silk as my skin can get really easily irritated with laces, but I’ve just discovered that there are indeed great laces out in the market perfect for sensitive skin, I was surprised, so why not? I’m actually dreaming of hoarding some very soon, [ haha!]. Also, I’ve decided to add a very thin and soft bust pad, which I again did not originally planned to include here, as I always enjoy displaying my tiny nipples_ they’re all I have 😜 but I understand not all women are the same so, yeah it is there, but it can be removed easily if you don’t like it.

Another thing that I’ve discovered from this project, is how a quality silk refracts incoming light at different angles and produces different colors as well, why I googled such? it’s because I was having trouble getting all my pictures come out with the same shade, it was impossible, you see, when it’s hit by sunlight? it gets very, very light and would turn almost purple without sunlight, then when I tried using my camera’s flash in taking close-up pictures especially the details I wanted to show in the slideshow below? the pictures came out a bit reddish, which is actually my favorite shade of all the pictures here, but learning that this is just how silk with great quality behaves, Well, why would I complain? I am loving everything about this amazing fabric.

MATERIALS USED: Elastic Stretch Floral Lace 3″ 7.5cm [1] [2] [3] [4] (similar), Pink Silk Thread (similar) Pink Silk Fabric , SILVER colour Bra rings and sliders , High-quality Removable Triangle Bra Pads, French Lace [1] [ similar] [2] ,lingerie sewing elastic

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